At Pest Control Express, we take pride in offering effective and reliable mouse control services to ensure your property remains free from these troublesome pests. With our dedicated team of experts and a proven track record, we're committed to providing top-notch solutions that bring you peace of mind.

Things You Must Know About Mices

The brown field mouse and brown or grey house mouse are the two prevalent mouse varieties found in the UK residence.Both are small in size and that attributes them easy access to wall recesses, minuscule openings, and the premises' nooks without catching the eye of inhabitants.

Swiftly addressing a mice infestation is crucial due to their potential to cause harm to your property and spread dangerous disease. Their gnawing can harm insulation, pipes, doors, and floorboards. Nonetheless, due to their role as carriers of ailments, their prompt elimination is imperative as soon as an invasion comes to light.

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How do we help in Mice Control?

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation:

We attentively listen to your concerns and determine the most suitable course of action. A convenient time will be scheduled for our experts to visit your property, providing you with a transparent outline of costs and treatment duration.

Thorough Inspection and Assessment

Thorough Inspection and Assessment:

Our team conducts a detailed inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and identify potential contributing factors.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Tailored Treatment Plan:

We devise a customised treatment plan to effectively eliminate the mouse infestation. Our methods may involve baiting, trapping, and exclusion techniques, often executed over multiple visits for optimal results.

Sanitization and Clean-up

Sanitization and Clean-up:

After extermination, we thoroughly clean and sanitise affected areas to ensure the complete elimination of mouse-related contamination.



Our commitment extends to future prevention. We identify and seal potential entry points and offer practical advice on preventing future mouse infestations. You can find detailed prevention tips in our comprehensive digital treatment reports.

Why Choose Pest Control Express for your Mice Control Services?

Expertise That Extinguishes Pests

Our seasoned professionals are pest control virtuosos, equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to create a pest-free environment that you can enjoy without worry.

Precision Pest Prevention

We specialize in preemptive measures, implementing targeted strategies that keep your space pest-proof. Our approach goes beyond mere extermination, aiming to prevent future infestations.

Safety Beyond Eradication

Our methods are not only effective in eliminating pests but also prioritize the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment. We use safe and eco-friendly techniques to ensure your peace of mind.

Reliable Results, Every Time

With Pest Control Express, consistent and effective pest control solutions are the norm. We understand the urgency of your situation and are dedicated to delivering reliable results each time we serve you.

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