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Wall & Fence Spikes – Anti Climb Security Spikes, Deterrent Spikes to Stop Climbing Over Walls and Fences, Ideal for Keeping Pigeons, Birds, Squirrels, Cats Away

Spikes are made from weather resistant polypropylene and can be easily attached to the top of the fence or brick wall with screws, nails, and glue or cable ties. The strips are flexible for curved or uneven surfaces. There is a snap off break point, Our bird spike strips have pre-drilled holes in the base; simply attach the bird spikes to the desired fence and boundary with adhesive (plastic available), double-sided tape, cable ties (supplied), tape, and so on, saving you time and effort while providing maximum protection. So that they can be permanently installed and keep birds away. This our anti climb spikes on the top of perimeter fencing, walls and gates to deter intruders and protect your home and garden.

Bird spikes, Pigeon repellent spikes, deterrent for birds, crows, seagulls and flying pests, 5 Meters

Pack includes 5m ready assembled strips, UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic Stops all types of birds, pigeons, crows, seagulls and similar sized birds. STAINLESS STEEL BIRD SPIKES - Durable Pigeon Repellent - Great Deterrent for Birds, Crows And Woodpeckers - Easy Setup And Removal - Keeps Pests Under Control - Covers 5 Meters