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Fly killer, Hanging Fly & mosquito trap, fly catcher bag, with odourless bait

Safe Design & Easy to UseThe design of the fly trap avoids direct contact between the bait and the fly, thus ensuring safety. But the smell of bait is very smelly. It is best to hang the disposable flycatcher bag in the open space outside the living area, 20 meters away from the living area.Outdoor Fly Trap BagThe fly trap contains a bait bag made up of certain feed and other food. When the disposable fly bag is filled with water, the bait begins to dissolve, react and emit an odor. The flies smelled the smell, then flew in from the yellow lid and submerged in the water.Used in Multiple OccasionsThe fly bag is widely used in public places such as parks, family farms (farmers' markets), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, green belts, toilets, garbage houses (yards), etc.

Pack of 2, Hanging Fly & Mosquito Trap, Reusable Folding Fly or mosquito trap, ideal for indoor and outdoor usage

Efficient, environmentally friendly and safe new type of fly catcher, Easy to operate, easy to understand and has a high flight capture rate.